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Jet Militär Welche Blackbird SR-71 ist die beste auf dem Markt (Modell)
« am: 26. November 2017, 22:27:07 »
Hallo, ein bekannter aus einem anderen Forum möchte wissen welcher SR-71 Bausatz am besten ist.
Er sollte nicht kleiner als 1/72 sein.
Habe da  schon diverse gesehen und stelle mir da die Frage ob ein und derselbe Spritzling evtl auch von anderen Firmen vertrieben wurde.




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Re: Welche Blackbird SR-71 ist die beste auf dem Markt (Modell)
« Antwort #1 am: 27. November 2017, 00:49:52 »
könnte jetzt spontan auf keine Besprechung oder Vermaßung verweisen, aber habe die Academy in 1/72 hier. Sieht im Kasten klasse aus!



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Poly(1-phenylethan-1,2-diyl) makes it all


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Re: Welche Blackbird SR-71 ist die beste auf dem Markt (Modell)
« Antwort #3 am: 27. November 2017, 16:18:42 »
Hier aus einer Seite, die ich mal gespeichert hatte, aber die offenbar nicht mehr existiert.
Academy: schlechte Kopie des Hasegawa-Kits. Hat einen Bauch.
Hasegawa: feine Details, aber hat einen Bauch, Cockpitkontur gleicht A-12.
Italeri: grundsätzlich gute Ausführung, aber gleicht am ehesten einer A-12. Drohne dabei, die die SR-71 nie trug.
Monogram: grundsätzlich gute Ausführung, Drohne überflüssig wie bei Italeri, beste Innendetails.
Sie schlagen dann noch vor, wie man die Kits von Italeri und Monogram am besten kombinieren sollte.

Kit Reviews
Academy 1627, 1642
A poor copy of the Hasegawa kit. A write off. The only thing going for it is the undercarriage & fins. Everything else is completely incorrect. The fuselage has a pronounced ficticious sag underneath the rear portion, resembling a full nappy, and there is an irreparable kink in the top spine. There is also an incorrect kink of the fuselage in cross-section that results in an overly-thick chine edge. Wing is too thick. Fillets are incorrect. Wing-to-fuselage fillet is a complete confused mish-mash. Cockpit hump, if there is one, is a confused mass of contours more resembling the A-12. Sides of canopy walls are too steeply sloped. There is no characteristic taper on the upper section of engine nacelle. After-burner holders are admittedly good. Wing corogations, although finely molded, are crude and incorrect. The decals suffer from having white markings printed in cream.

Hasegawa K016X, K127
Finely moulded, the underside of the fuselage in cross-section goes straight up to the chine line resulting in a fine edge, but it has the ficticious rear fuselage sag, and the cockpit canopy hump is not pronounced enough. The canopy too slender in cross section. Wingtip camber is too subtle. The tooling has the largest diameter nacelles (28mm) by a country mile, which affects the cut-off angle for the rear inner elevons. Wing trailing edge closely matches drawing, as does span. Fuselage diameter is undersize compared to the drawing supplied in the Aerofax Minigraph book (scaled up to 1/72), but substantially longer (approx 10mm not including pitot). Nose RWR's incorrect. Fins have correct curved tips. Most expensive kit.

Italeri 145
Marketed as an SR-71A/B, this kit is much closer to an A-12, on account of its nose profile and the inclusion of a D-21 drone. Overall dimensions accurate. Kit appears to have well defined wingtip camber (the best of any kit), correct tapered upper nacelles, and offers a two seat option, as well as camera ports and the best quality decals. Has the most complete data stencilling of any decal sheet apart form the new Revell release. Nose is closer to A-12 rather than SR-71: it is too shallow for an SR-71 and has the gradual taper in plan view associated with the A-12. Nose RWR's are incorrect. The canopy area closely matches A-12 contours. The front nose section fits badly. The under rear fuselage has the dreaded sag aft of the rear wheel well bays. Upper rear fuselage tapers abruptly into a cone. There is a slight aberration on the forward upper fuselage spine. Under fuselage upsweep is too shallow in cross-section. Wing corrogations are sub-standard. Flying edges are very sharp and crisp. Slender wing thickness. The diameter of the nacelles (25.5mm) lies between that of the Monogram kit and Hasegawa. Vertical fin cap is straight- should be slightly curved. Jet nozzles are incorrectly tapered, but petals are the only ones to have interior ribbing of all the kits, and are closest to the real thing. Intake cones are sharp. Raised panel detail, open refuelling receptacle, separate parts for mainwheel heat shields. Front wheel well overly shallow. Good undercarriage doors and instrument panels. Acceptable two-part seats. This kit should have been marketed as the A-12, as the SR-71 never carried the GTD-21.

Kit has a straight fuselage spine, no sag underneath the rear fuselage, good wing fillets, good wheel wells, and most accurate cockpit hump of all, but a slight diameter bulge around the cockpit area results in the canopy sides being a touch too gently sloped. Correct nose RWR's, best of any kit. Engine nacelle taper too subtle, wingtip camber passable. GTD-21 drone is included, which is inaccurate for an SR-71. The fuselage chine edge has a slight curve in plan form, should be dead straight. Engine nacelles may be a touch too narrow in diameter (25mm). Fins have straight caps, should be slightly curved, also have strange square bulges on the outer surface which are incorrect and should be removed. Bottom of one fin has the characteristic two kinks, other one only has one. Outer wing fillet goes all the way to the engine nozzle. Engine nozzles are more closed (tapered) than on Academy kit. Very good wing corrogations, best of the lot. Raised panel lines. Flying edges too thick. Thick wing. Very good undercarriage and undercarriage doors. Includes pilot figures with pressure helmets. Very good side consoles, best internal detail of any kit. A good representation of the production SR-71. Recommended as the best kit of an SR-71. The latest Revell re-release features spectacular boxart and includes crisply printed decals as listed above with a matt finish and a substantial amount of stencilling. The decals are perfectly on register but the red is a little too dark, being a burgundy colour rather than standard red.

The best model of a Blackbird would use the Monogram tooling as a basis, substituting Italeri parts to refine and/or make various versions as required. See below for parts breakdown.


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Re: Welche Blackbird SR-71 ist die beste auf dem Markt (Modell)
« Antwort #4 am: 28. November 2017, 20:09:50 »
Danke für Eure Antworten, damit kann man was anfangen !